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Whether making pictures of beautiful sunsets or properties for sale, good photography should capture the viewers interest and imagination. It should draw the viewer in, creating a desire to see more and experience a sense of place first hand. In other words, good photography is good marketing.
With an estimated 92% of home buyers using the Internet as part of their home search, it is more important than ever to use professional photography for listing and marketing as recently reported in a Redfin Research Center article.
It is all about the photography. All the bells & whistles, all the Facebook, Twitter and Craigslist postings won't do a thing if the images are low quality.
Professional photography is the cornerstone to any marketing effort. It provides the visual hook that generates customer response, which in turn generates more showings and therefore more sales.
My background as a graphics software engineer with a passion for photography eventually led me to commercial and fine art photography. After working several years for a national real estate virtual tour company, I started my own real estate photography business. I have won numerous awards for my images which have been published in contests, online and in print including La Jolla Today, Shutterbug, and Southwest Airlines magazines to name a few.
I strive to provide my clients with outstanding images using the best equipment and post processing skills to make your listing noticed--all at very competitive pricing. Let me put my expertise to work for you!