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Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use your pictures to create my own Virtual Tours?
Yes! You may use our pictures to create your own Virtual Tours using any software or a third-party tour provider like Savvy Tours. You may also use the pictures on your website, Facebook, Pinterest, newspaper advertisements, and just about anywhere you can think of.

Is there anything I can't use the pictures for?  Who owns the copyright?
While we retain all copyrights, the purchasing agent has a perpetual license to use the images for all real estate sales purposes indefinitely, but you may not sell or give the images to another party.
What kind of photography equipment do you use?
We use professional DSLR Nikon cameras, lenses, and Speedlights, as well as other specialty cameras for specific purposes. We also employ a variety of equipment as needed like tripods, filters, audio gear, etc. Our images and video are then processed with Adobe software on Macs and PCs.
Do you also provide Video?
We can provide video content in the form of short clips. The clips are usually mixed in with the still slideshow of our Premium Tour. Video is best used when motion is involved, like water features or people enjoying themselves by the pool, etc.  Professional audio is also available, as well as short agent interviews; both on or off camera with voice overs. See the Services page for more information.
How soon can I get my pictures?
You should receive your images in less than 24hrs. In most cases, before mid-night the same day as the shoot. 

What does a SavvyTour look like?
Click Here to view an example. You can find more examples and additional information at SavvyTours.com.  To use SavvyTours, you must first create an account with SavvyTours which allows for an unlimited number of tours for a $100.00 annual fee (the first month is free).

What does a Premium Tour look like?
Click Here to view a recent example. The video player is larger and more immersive. There are also more add-on options available like video and narration. See Options & Add-Ons under Pricing. 

Do you do Panoramas?
Not at this time. 360 degree Panoramas have been falling out of favor in recent years. Most of our customers prefer a greater number of high quality still images or video clips. Viewers often tend to skip past them after only a few seconds. The most important virtual tour feature is the photography; so we believe our time is best used capturing and processing high quality images. 
Do you provide elevated or arial shots?
Not at the moment, but we might in the near future depending on customer demand.
How do I get my pictures?
If you purchased the images only package, the images are sent electronically to your email account. Each image has been resized and compressed for MLS and Internet usage while still maintaining high visual quality. The large full resolution images are available on CD or DVD and mailed to you for $10.00.  Images may also be downloaded from your SavvyTour or Premium Tour account. 
How Long are Virtual Tours Hosted for?
Premium Tours remain hosted indefinitely or until you delete them from your account. SavvyTours remain live for one year, but can be reactivated by changing its status.