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Preparing for a Photo Shoot


As real estate photographers we use specialized equipment, imaging software and knowledge to show a home in its best possible light. However, this is only fully achieved when the property has been properly prepared, or “staged” so that the images invite the viewer to want to see more and call for a personal showing.


The property needs to be shoot-ready when the photographer arrives at the scheduled appointment.  The following are some basic guide lines for preparing your property, not only for a successful photo shoot, but also for realtor home showings as well.



  • Move all vehicles from the driveway and do not park directly in front of the property.
  • Remove garbage cans and garden tools from sight.
  • Mow lawns, sweep walkways and patios. Clean driveway of stains.
  • Remove covers from barbecues and patio furniture. Open Umbrellas.
  • Remove pool hose and skimmers. Turn on water features and fountains.
  • Hide all children’s toys.


General Interior:

  • All areas should be clean and free of clutter.
  • Turn on All interior lighting. Open curtains and blinds.
  • Conceal wires & cables, remote controls, toys, loose papers, etc.


Living & Family Rooms:

  • Clean fireplace. Consider a fire in the fireplace if winter time.
  • Straighten pictures and mirrors. 
  • Open curtains for views.



  • Make all beds. Covers should be straight & without lumps. 
  • Nothing under the bed should be visible.
  • Put clothing, shoes and personal objects away.
  • Dressers and nightstands should be free of clutter. 



  • Clear sinks and counter tops of dishes & appliances.
  • Remove photos, notes and other objects from refrigerator.
  • Hide trashcans and pet bowls. 



  • Clean countertops and mirrors. 
  • Hide make-up, razors, toothbrushes and other toiletries.
  • Remove shampoo bottles and products from tubs and showers.
  • Remove laundry hampers, clothes, towels, 



  • Place pets in garage or contain off site.
  • Replace burned out light bulbs.
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts with gardeners, pool service, deliveries for time of shoot.


Just before the photographers arrival, do a final walk-through and make sure everything looks the way you’d like in the photos.