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Professional Photography = More Money, Less Problems Selling

In Real Estate, a Picture is worth literally Thousands of Dollars. With more than ninety percent of all home buyers beginning their search on the Internet, quality pictures (or the lack thereof) will often determine how long a property remains on the market and its final selling price.
High quality, crisp real estate photography is what draws a potential buyer to your listing. It is your FIRST SHOWING!  Good photography provides a quick overview of the property and enables the potential buyer to make an instant decision as to whether to investigate further. IF they like what they see, they will then take the time to investigate further and decide as to whether an appointment to visit the property is in order.  
The respected organization, Redfin Research Center, reports that "For homes listed between $200,000 and $1 million, found that homes with listing photos taken with DSLR cameras sell for $3,400 to $11,200 more relative to their list prices."
Of course, it's not just that the photos were taken with DSLR cameras. While it's true that a quality DSLR camera will take better pictures than Point and Shoot or Cell Phone cameras, it's also true that the camera operator must know how to properly compose, light and process the images to achieve results that beckons a potential buyer to want to visit the property. 
Photography plays an important psychological role in the buying process. Someone contemplating a purchase will revisit the property countless times via the pictures. 
Professional photography is the best investment an Agent can make in marketing their listings. Although 92% of all home buyers use the Internet in their home search, less than 50% of agents use professionally produced images in their marketing.  Employing professional photography in a marketing campaign provides a significant opportunity and advantage over those who don't, and can often be the difference in securing a listing contract over another agent.
The relatively small upfront cost of professional photography can be leveraged in multiple marketing channels. Not only can quality images be used in MLS listings, but also the agent's website, flyers, newspaper ads, Realtor.com, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Craigslist; anywhere and everywhere good marketing opportunities are provided.